Bianca van Leur Agency

Bianca van Leur Agency


“ We make clothes inspired by the idea of creating a contemporary wardrobe for women that want to feel and look great regardless of their age and lifestyle”

PENNYBLACK is designed, created, produced and distributed by Manifatture del Nord – a Max Mara Fashion Group company. PENNYBLACK was founded in 1978 in response to a market need for a casual clothing collection.

PENNYBLACK was inspired by true British lifestyle and, harking back to the idea of uniqueness, took its name from the first postal stamp to hit the world… British in every way. The collection was dynamic, up-to-date and had an excellent price/quality ratio. It was full of innovative ideas and striking primary colours. The inspiration behind the collection was sporty and the items were designed to allow you to move around very freely. The shapes used, strongly characterise the identity of the collection and authentic fabrics were selected: cottons and linens for summer, wools, Shetland fabrics and velvets for winter.

PENNYBLACK has evolved over the years, taking care to stay in line with current fashions but always maintaining its own distinctive identity.