Bianca van Leur Fashionsuite

Bianca van Leur Fashionsuite


 The jeans who fits all women!
Because of their 4-way stretch, you create a 360-degree movement that makes the jeans sit comfortably and does not run out! Many models also have stretch on the belt.

For every woman there is a good model, whether you want curvy, slim, buttocks, hips, straight, smart, shabby, clean or a more extreme wash, DL1961 has it! The jeans is available from size 24 up to and including 34.

Various celeberties have been wearing DL1961 for years. You can think of Gigi Hadid, Lizzy Jager, Katie Holmes, Sofia Richie, Rheese Witherspoon and so on.

DL stands for Denim Luxury. Conceived and produced in America and have more than 30 years of experience. In addition to the fantastic quality and fit, it is also a durable product.

Every step in their delivery, from raw materials to transport, is optimized for making the best possible product. A considerable amount of water, energy and dye is saved during production.

Since 2017 they have been fitted with solar panels and will continue to try to produce even more sustainably in the future.

In addition to their Fashion line, they also have a Core line that is never out of stock. This gives you the opportunity to act quickly for your customer. Order today is in the house within a few days.