Bianca van Leur Fashionsuite

Bianca van Leur Fashionsuite


Hoss Intropia evolves with the times, and is now INTROPIA. This change is a natural evolution and represents a new phase of the brand, always respecting there original brand essence. Stronger and more directional collections, new merchandising and image, a more contemporary vibe throughout the brand.

INTROPIA concept is there philosophy, it is a made up word which we have filled with significance, namely that of “Inner Utopia”. It comes from the fusion of introspection and utopia and that means striving for a dream, a vital desire. According to this concept, the clothes & accessories we wear, transcend the physical aspect as they talk about the inside and somehow manifest feelings.

INTROPIA is a life style, a philosophy, where the Mediterranean spirit and way of life shines through in every piece.They are a brand for women who have personality and know what they like. The passion and emotion put into every detail results in collections full of special pieces for special moments. Intropia isn’t based on the strict seasonal trends, but rather knows exactly how to interpret them, making each collection original and exclusive.

Intropia is the brand that allows each woman to reflect her own personality, to be different from the rest, to be true to herself.