Bianca van Leur Fashionsuite

Bianca van Leur Fashionsuite


With its large yet cozy lounge-bar overlooking the bay of Gustavia, the ambiance and cuisine so characteristic of Bonito are unique in many ways. This is a casual and chic family restaurant with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We want you to consider Bonito a “second home.” Located in a beautiful traditional wood dwelling laid on the hillside, the building was originally a large private beach house designed to guests feel comfortable, by themselves, or with family and friends. Bonito’s menu is an image of its leaders and their team: the cuisine is French, with spiced flavors directly from South America, and of course fish is especially honored.  Guests of Bonito are also guaranteed to enjoy the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and its fabulous sunset …


Rue Lubin Brin, Gustavia 97133
Saint Barth

+33 5 90 27 96 91