Bianca van Leur Fashionsuite

Bianca van Leur Fashionsuite


After your first visit to Harvey, you will want to come back time after time. Harvey is one of those places where you have a late morning cup of coffee and or for an oh so yummy yet simple brunch or lunch (i.a. yoghurt with granola and strawberries or other fruits and a incredibly satisfying toast (made from even more satisfying bread) with butter and sea salt. There’s nothing better than finishing your brunch/lunch and carrying on with a few glasses of wine. Harvey does not call themselves a coffee- and wine bar for no reason… Though be aware to not be mislead by their opening hours; Harvey is open between 8am and 8pm, but in the evening guests are spoiled by live performances and dance nights. Nice to stick around then.


Kødboderne 5
1717 København V

+45 32 19 29 71